Elderly family – Give them peace of mind by upgrading their home with a smart home video doorbell

We all worry a little more than usual about any of our elderly family members. No matter how active they are, or how young at heart they seem, the elderly are still one of the most at risk groups of society.

What is a smart home doorbell?

A smart home doorbell is a specific type of doorbell which is of a higher calibre of tech than a standard doorbell. With standard doorbells, where you simply press a button, all they do is ring from their sensor placed inside your home. A smart home doorbell offers so much more in the way of communication and safety.

What are the features of a smart home video doorbell?

You’ll see smart home video doorbells marketed as many things. From doorbells to doorbell and intercom systems. But they all have the same thing in common: they are a more advanced doorbell that allows the homeowner to have better access to the world outside their door before they open it.

A basic smart home video doorbell typically comes with a form of two-way communication, even if it’s just audio. More advanced smart home doorbells offer live video streaming, allowing your elderly family member to view their doorstep at any time without ever having to unlock their door and put themselves at risk.

Some intercom-based doorbells even allow you to unlock the door without the need to physically get up and do it; which is perfect for elderly individuals who struggle with walking or physical activity.

How can my elderly family members benefit?

Depending on the smart home doorbell that you decide on, there can be many benefits. As we mentioned above, some smart home doorbells allow you to unlock your door using the unlock feature, which you can set up anywhere in your home.

There’s also the obvious security features. Not only would your elderly family member be able to talk to the person who is visiting before they open the door, they can also see them with smart home video doorbells that have the video intercom feature. With this video feature, it’s often a case of “you can see them, but they can’t see you”, which is perfect for anyone wanting extra privacy or any individual prone to anxiety or wary of strangers ringing the doorbell.

Smart home video doorbells are also useful if your family member doesn’t have a lens in their door that allows them to see out before they unlock it. With the video feature, they’d be able to check that they know the person visiting before putting themselves in potential danger.

Why should I invest in a smart home doorbell?

Investing in a smart home doorbell means investing in safety, security, and peace of mind. They aren’t just doorbells, they also act as a form of CCTV (in the case of the ones with a video function), and video doorbells typically allow you to take and store images of your visitors, too. Even the two-way communication smart home doorbells would make your family member’s home life safer.