Good Reasons to Upgrade to a Modulating Furnace in your Home

Contemporary furnaces come can be single-stage, two-stage and modulating. While they do the same task, everyone completes its tasks differently. Modulating furnaces are quite efficient but they are still worth the upgrade.  Do you currently have a single-stage or two-stage furnace? Are you looking to upgrade your HVAC system altogether? If your answer yes, read on to understand why you should consider having a modulating furnace.

It Works Effectively and Efficiently

 A modulating furnace adopts the idea of a two-stage furnace and uses it to expand its settings. As with a car’s gas pedal, a modulating furnace can be adjusted depending on the scenario. For instance, a cool outside temperature will mean that your house will need more heat. To respond to such need, a modulating furnace will increase power in increments of as little as one percent. Usually, this type of furnace functions from about 40 percent up to 100 percent.

It Offers the Most Comfort

Depending on the outside temperature, a modulating furnace works according to the size of your house and its insulation. This furnace tends to work as much as when needed and consumes as much gas when it has to. Therefore, it is proven efficient and effective at giving your house a heat without following the start and stop cycle common in other types of furnaces. A modulating furnace tends to make more minimal noise and distraction than its counterparts.

The Investment Cost is Reasonable

A modulating furnace is an upgrade to a two-stage furnace. Because of this, its price tends to increase.  However, this is for a good reason. An increase in performance and price comes at an improved efficiency. Moreover, a modulating gas furnace better uses fuel and can positively affect your utility bills. The savings you enjoy in your gas bill can offset the unit’s initial price and installation cost.

While a modulating furnace does well in more contemporary homes constructed within the last 30-40 years, homes made beyond this will not experience a benefit from this kind of system. In such case, a single-stage or two-stage furnace may offer the right technology which complements the house’s age.

When the price of your furnace is right and you can access gas in your area, a modulating furnace is a better choice than a single- or two-stage furnace. Whether you are looking to have a furnace or chauffage thermopompe installed in your house, make sure you contact a heating professional to help you explore the benefits of this furnace.