How To Know Whether Or Not You Are An Ideal Candidate For Invisalign

Invisalign is one of the proven and safe cosmetic dental treatments that has successfully improved dental appearance of people. To get it done for yourself requires you to first understand whether you are an ideal candidate for it.

How does Invisalign superior to other types of brace treatment?

Invisalign enables you to select from a wide style, and size of braces that assist in straightening the teeth of a person. The best part of this brace is that, unlike metal braces, Invisible braces are not visible to others. There is no attachment of wires involved in this process. Also, this process does not cause any messy impressions of the teeth.

These clear, and plastic aligners need not be worn continuously for all twenty-four hours in a day. One can take it out while eating, flossing, and brushing their teeth. By wearing it, you will see that your teeth will gradually shift toward achieving proper alignment. In 1 to 2 weeks, you can easily shift to a new pair of aligners, till you regain your healthy smile back.

How Invisalign braces are prepared?

To prepare an invisible teeth brace, dentists digitally scan teeth to develop a three-dimensional model of the mouth. This help in making 1st set of aligners to accurately fit over lower and upper teeth efficiently.

What are the different minor and acute dental issues treated by Invisalign?

If you are coming across any of the below mentioned moderate to acute issues, then Invisalign is the best solution for you:

  • Wide spaces in between teeth
  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Open bite where upper as well as lower front teeth do not meet
  • Deep bite where upper front teeth covers a lot of portion of the lower front teeth
  • Crowded teeth

Eligibility for Invisalign treatment

There is an age restriction for people to begin using Invisalign treatment. This treatment is only permitted for children who are 13 years or more. This is because children who are younger than this age still have baby teeth and their teeth are still changing. This makes it difficult to create precise aligners for them. However, there is no age limit for adults to undergo this treatment.


Most of the people all over the world have benefitted from use of Invisalign in the form of enhanced physical confidence and self-esteem. To save yourself from any complications that may result from the treatment, it is important to know your eligibility for this method.