How To Pass A Drug Test From Your Parents

When I was in high school I was extremely fortunate in the fact that I had a mother who respected me enough to treat the issue of my cannabis use maturely. She wasn’t “okay”  with it, but she was aware that she can’t exactly stop me regardless of what she thinks. This attitude paid off plenty in the long run, and from what I eventually saw, a lot of the most sheltered kids had the most problems with drugs growing up. Some parents like mine prefer that their kids are at least open and honest with them if they are going to take risks like taking illicit drugs. For other parents, it’s absolutely intolerable and treated as a moral failing on the child’s behalf. Because of this, there are actually kids out there who have to worry about how to pass a drug test for their parents, despite the fact that they might only share a joint or two with friends over the weekend. Everybody’s situation is unique, and maybe some parents out there do have very legitimate reasons for wanting to drug test their kid, but for anyone who might face consequences that they don’t deserve simply for testing positive for THC, here’s how to pass a drug test.

Pharmacy Urine Tests

Unless your parents somehow have some kind of connections, if they threaten you with a drug test you can be 99% sure it will be one similar to standard home urine tests that are sold in pharmacies like Walgreens or Shopper’s Drug Mart. Depending on how often you smoke or how little notice you have, you might get away with it by quitting cold turkey. As much as it might suck to resist the joints passed around by your friends, a week or two without cannabis isn’t the end of the world if you avoid some needless drama or zealous fury. Sadly, the reality is that many parents might totally surprise their kid with this sort of thing. If you feel like your parents might be the type to do this if they suspected anything, you might want to be proactive and make yourself a secret stash in your bathroom with some synthetic urine that you can use in emergencies. Just saying.