Is It Time for Assisted Living – Recognising the Signs

Many of you may not have clear thoughts about assisted living communities. You may be looking for a safe and homely place for aged loved ones. Many of us assume this as a retirement home. Many experts and senior living designers have put their efforts to make them truly comfortable and feel like home. Here are some of the important things you never knew about these care homes.

What do they have to offer?

They employ personal care staff or the health agencies to deliver exceptional levels of services. Besides the care, even the feel and look of different communities vary depending on the location. Many such communities have a traditional and formal design. While others often have home like and a down to earth ambience.

There are many reputed care centres that have mid-century modern design. These senior assisted living communities have different sizes and shapes. You could choose the ideal home based on your budget, location, services required and so on. Some of them are designed in sprawling complexes and towering apartment buildings while others are more of a cottage. According to the surveys and recent studies, an average community could take care of at least 20 people. However, there is no specific nationwide standard size.

How do they treat?

There are specialised assisted living homes to treat dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. These are the life-threatening diseases and require more care. While choosing the right nursing home, you must check their testimonials. Many of the reputed centres offer good quality care that will improve the standards of living and decrease agitation.

People suffering from diseases like Alzheimer could stay with normal population during the early phase. However, as the disease becomes severe and condition becomes worse, they have to be isolated from the population for their betterment. Memory care homes will offer a protected environment with trained staff for their assistance.

The experts are focussing on the overall development of these assisted homes. They are designed in a manner to fulfil the cultural, lingual, dietary and religious based requirements. These residents offer mobile assistance. Even if a loved one is bed ridden and offer 24-hour assistance, they will come to your rescue.

There are few differences between the nursing home residents and the assisted living residents you must be careful about. These nursing homes may offer a private room to elderly while the assisted living centres operate in one-bedroom or even studio apartments.