Lift your Mood with Aniracetam   

Aniracetam is actually a nootropic compound that falls under the Racetam class of compounds. Piracetam which was discovered in the year 1964, is considered as the parent compound of this class. Research says, Aniracetam is more powerful than Piracetam. Though it is a fat-soluble compound, you need not take it with any fatty substance to be quickly and efficiently absorbed in the gastro-intestinal tract after being disintegrated in the liver. Taking in too much fat along with this drug can reduce the level of absorption.

The benefits

Intake of Aniracetam has a number of benefits that are mentioned as follows:

  • Mood enhancer – Aniracetam alters different brain receptors and produces mood boosting effects through dopaminergic, serotonergic and cholinergic interactions. Studies show it can reduce stress in aged rats.
  • Enhances cognition – Animal studies proves that Aniracetam helps to improve the memory, your judgment power and minimizes impulsiveness. It is a parent compound from which ampakine is obtained. It has derived its name as Ampakine due to its interaction with the AMPA receptors of the brain.
  • Increased creativity and collective thinking and creativity – With improved cognitive function you tend to become more aware of anything that is happening around us. This mental clarity can also improve your creativity skills and help you do away with any kind of mental blockages.

So, if you want to experience all these benefits then you should buy Aniracetam rightaway.

The ideal dosage

Once you have purchased the product, it is important that you have an idea about the ideal dosage in which you should consume. You need to do a proper research yourself in the internet instead of relying on the dose mentioned by the manufacturers on the label. Normally, it has been seen that people stick to a dose of 800 – 2,000mg at a time. When stacked with other supplements like choline, the dosage may vary. For best advises you are recommended to check out the online user forums where you will come across their personal experiences. The ingredients per 750mg of Aniracetam capsule are Aniracetam (750mg), maltodextrin and silica.

The legal aspect

The drug Aniracetam is medically registered in most of the countries and in the other countries you are allowed to buy Aniracetam as a supplement. In the USA, FDA does not consider it as a drug and thus it is sold as a dietary supplement. Since this smart drug has a low potential of usage it is considered safe in most of the countries. Till date, it is not labeled as an illegal compound in any of the countries. But in some of the countries you require a valid prescription from your physician in order to purchase it. So now if you want to acquire it for personal purpose or research, you have to get it imported legally. Online stores nowadays, are also a convenient place from where you can easily buy Aniracetam. They save you from all the difficulty and ensure that you receive the product in its purest form.