Making memories with your family this Easter

Easter doesn’t have to be an expensive time of year. Even though your children might be home for a week or two, you don’t need to spend every day doing something expensive, and you especially shouldn’t be taking out any loans or extending your overdraft to spend quality time with your family.Consider taking your family out on a long walk. It doesn’t have to be anywhere far away, just a nearby park will do. Take a picnic and a blanket, your dog if you have one, and a few games to play. It’s amazing how easy a simple trip out in the sun can turn into a fond memory with your family, and while your children are young, you should try to do everything you can to spend time with them.

Walks can lead to all sorts of places, not just the park, but also your nearby town centre, which will have plenty of free and exciting activities on over the Easter period. Check your local library and any community centres, and you’ll quickly see that there’s plenty to do during your children’s Easter break. Most libraries and community centres put on craft days during Easter, and some even host Egg Hunts and reading days. These are great activities for young children, and they give you a chance to witness their sense of creativity and adventure.

For a memory that will never fade, that you can hang on your walls and keep in your pocket, plan a family photo. You could get this taken professionally, but it will work just as well in your living room with a bare wall, a sofa, and a good digital camera that you have a tripod for (or a table you can stack books on to reach the desired height, you may need to get creative here). Dress your kids up nicely, arrange them, make promises of chocolate if they can keep still for 5 minutes, and take a few photos. Choose the best one (or a few!) and get them printed at your local supermarket.Have a movie night at home. When complete with blanket forts, pillows, and a great selection of animated movies, this is a favourite for Easter time. Popcorn is easy to come by and having a couple of bowls of it around your living room while your family lounge on all available surfaces might be the most relaxed you’ve felt in a while. If you have a little extra cash to splurge, order in takeaway; pizza is perfect for this kind of family get together.

Our next suggestion might seem a little outdated, but nothing beats a good board game. Somewhere, hidden amongst your bookshelves, is a monopoly box that’s just begging to be pulled out. If not a board game, you could set up a console, or play a card game.Finally, try your hand at some family baking. Why not get everyone involved in making an Easter feast? You’ll be surprised at how much money you’ll save eating at home over Easter.