Planning An Event In The Morning? Here Are Some Tips!

More often than not, planning a breakfast event is almost a necessity. Think of an extended wedding, a long-due family gettogether, or even a corporate event. As with any other event, you have to be careful and choosy about the arrangements, and for that, the right services are important. In this special post, we talk about the key aspects that matter.

Consider the time

Breakfast should be ready by the time your guests are up, so make sure to consider the time of the event, especially in case of private events. You may want to set up the counters for tea, coffee, and juices first, followed by a sumptuous breakfast.

Find a catering service

For breakfast catering, you need a service that can come over by 7 or 8 am in the morning, and in some cases, even earlier. To find the best ones in business, ask around for references, or check online. Contact a few of the companies to know what they can offer. While full-service catering is always handy, you can also opt for delivery, just in case your budget is less or you have limited guests. Experience and expertise are two aspects to consider before selecting a caterer.

Check what’s on menu

When you talk to a caterer, you need to know what’s on the menu. Ideally, something that’s a mix of all breakfast essentials is ideal for most guests. So, think of mashed potatoes, sausages, bacon, salamis, poached and scrambled eggs, and so on. You can also include a collection of breads and tortillas, with rice, seasonal veggies, and fresh fruits. You may also want to include a few juices in menu. Usually, breakfast events don’t include alcohol for obvious reasons, but if you are keen, you can talk to the caterer for a few cocktails.

Full-service vs. Delivery

Full-service breakfast catering is ideal when you have considerable number of guests or want to serve freshly-cooked food. Usually, the caterers will come with the supplies, and they will have their servers for help. Delivery is more suited when you don’t want to spend a whole lot of money. Ready-to-serve food will arrive at your doorsteps on time, with one or more servers as required. Both ways, you can get the menu you want.

Check for the best-rated caterers in your area and book well in advance, especially if your event is around the weekend or on a holiday!