Reasons to Opt for The Iconic Mercedes-Benz SUVs And Get Familiar with Its Family

SUVs are preferred because of many reasons. Some of them are –

  • The enhanced visibility got from SUVs elevated seating position.
  • The off-road driving capabilities
  • Large opening lift gates and folding seats [flat fold] allows carrying along lots of luggage or large things.
  • The menacing or shady look.
  • The way SUV gives them commanding presence on road, while driving.

Reasons to buy Mercedes-Benz SUV

  • Every Mercedes includes elegance, modest design, and detailed work.
  • SUV models are luxurious available in sensible packages that coddle passengers driving towards their destination.
  • Even if new Mercedes SUVs are on the up-scale, you can choose pre-owned models to obtain top-shelf features at affordable rates.
  • A prestigious car with more power and room needed for growing families.

Get familiar with Mercedes Benz SUV names

Mercedes SUV family includes GLK, GLE, and GLS. The numbers, which follow these letters, indicate its engine size. For example, the GLA250 has 2-liter engine under its hood.

Mercedes diesel engine

Mercedes diesel engine provides better mileage than gasoline and at low engine speed offers plenty of torque. Diesel engine SUVs are good vehicles you can use for towing trailers and boats. The traditional CDI engine technology of Mercedes SUV got updated and the new diesels are designated with Blue TEC.

Mercedes SUV family

GL/GLS –class

It’s a full-sized SUV having space for seven adults with their luggage. Interiors are beautifully detailed. Under the hood of latest GL550, there is a huge 5.5L V8 dual turbochargers. The GL63 has 5.5L V8 suitable for drivers, who need 550 horsepower.

With dual turbo chargers, you can get on-demand power and fuel efficiency, simultaneously. This practical workhorse can tow maximum 7,500 pounds.


It is a mid-sized SUV, has room for five and limited luggage space. ML350 [3.5L V6], ML550 [4.7L dual-turbo V8], and ML63 AMG [gives 518 horsepower] are available Blue Tech diesel models.

Only ML350 has rear wheel drive, while all the MLs include AWD. High ground clearance helps to handle uneven terrains and rough tracks. They can tow approximately 7,000 pounds.


GLC has 4Matic AWD, turbo diesel model and can tow 3,500 pounds. It is longer and wider with better leg room space for passengers. Exterior styling has softer lines.

GLA class

The GLA250 4-cylinder turbo charger offers 200 horsepower but for extra enthusiast can look into the GLA45 AMG with same engine but tweaked to generate 355 horsepower.

Mercedes-Benz SUVs are designed with high standards featuring interiors and exteriors with finer materials.