Should You Have a Maternity Shoot?

Would-be-moms consider having a maternity shoot during the course of their pregnancy. But is this trend among expectant mothers necessary?

In August 1991, a pregnant Demi Moore graced the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. In the cover she flashed her round belly, seven months into pregnancy. Twenty-six years ago, Demi’s historic cover may be considered a privilege. But today, any expectant mother can have this moment.

While any mom-to-be has the liberty to decide whether to push through with a maternity shoot, not all fancy this idea. So, what should you consider before finally deciding if this trend is for you?

Here are some of the things you should weigh before diving into it:

  • Identify The Purpose of the Maternity Shoot

Before you book a photo session, ask yourself why you want to do this. Sometimes, couples find it hard to decide whether they like to proceed with it or not. During pregnancy, women’s body changes. While others feel conscious about this change, some see this as a beautiful moment.

Identify the purpose of this photo session. Do you want this done because you want to    go with the trend or because you want to celebrate your pregnancy? When you’re finally decided to do it, decide on the next factor.

  • When You Should Schedule the Session

Professional photographers recommend booking your session between your 30th and 35th week. This is because you are still comfortable to move around and you are not yet swelling too much.

However, if you are expected to deliver early, it is best to schedule your sessions as early as your 28th week. This is also recommended for would-be-moms carrying twins or multiples.

  • Where to Keep or Display the Photos

Some expectant mothers are reluctant to push through with a maternity shoot because they don’t know where to put the photos after. For artistic ones – silhouette or partially nude shots – it can be displayed in the master’s bedroom.

You can also search for best online photo book sites if you prefer to keep your photos in a modern album. What’s good about these photo books is your kids can browse through them when they grow up.

  • What to Wear On Your Photo Session

Looking for clothes that fit you perfectly and make you feel beautiful can get challenging             when   you’re pregnant. Decide first if you have a theme for your photo session and move forward from there. If you can’t find a dress at a mall, consider borrowing from your friends.

If you want a more special dress, you can have it tailor-made or customized. Just remember that the clothes you are about to wear must feel comfortable for you.

Having a maternity shoot can get thrilling for expectant mothers especially for those who want to have a keepsake of this special phase in motherhood. What is important to remember, though, is to enjoy every moment of it and enjoy this special journey.