Slips and Falls Accidents: Tips that Families should Know

If you or your family member had a slip and fall accident, you must consult with a great personal injury lawyer. The lawyer will ensure you get necessary information regarding your rights and the potential alternatives that may be available to you as a victim of such accident. It is easy to make mistakes following the accident and this can have negative effects on your possible claim value.

In Case of a Serious Injury

A serious injury warrants an immediate medical care. Proceed to the nearest emergency room or have yourself sent to a hospital to be fully assessed and treated. Make sure you follow your treating physician’s advice. Avoid delaying treatment to avoid further complications. You may have gotten a concussion that you don’t know about. Also, if you don’t get proper medical care, you may have a problem later as you seek a claim for your injury.

If the Injury is not Very Serious

A lot of slips and trips accidents usually take place in a privately owned business. In case you don’t need an immediate medical care, get insurance claim information from a representative of the business. The business must offer you contact information on how you can file an injury claim. Focus on what happened and the cause of the accidental fall. Make sure that the incident has been reported. Talk only to your North Miami slip and fall accident lawyer.

When Talking to the Business’ Insurance Company Representative

Following the slip and fall incident, a representative of the business’ insurance company will give you a call. The person calling can be an investigator or adjuster. Keep in mind that the person is tasked to reduce the responsibility of the insured business. They may ask you questions meant to trick you into saying things that aren’t right. Be quite cautious when responding to the person over the phone to avoid saying something which isn’t in your best interest.

How your Lawyer can Help You

Your slip and fall lawyer has the experience and knowledge to handle your case. They will take care of the legal documents. Ensure you don’t provide any recorded or written statements without the knowledge and advice of your lawyer. A lot of slip and fall accident victims said too much and get an unsatisfactory personal injury claim settlement. During the early stage of your case, keep communications between yourself and your attorney.