Top 7 Things to Do in Exuma Island

Vacations are always to escape from your monotonous life. When your regular life goes over your head and you don’t find any way out, plan a vacation to an exotic place and escape from those problems. Who knows how you discover the solutions amidst of your enjoyment! Now if your vacation is in such a place where you can swim with dolphins, get to see wild iguanas and sharks and swimming pigs, you don’t need anything to get more excited. Why don’t you book vacation rentals in the Exumas to have all such excitements at one place?

Yes, this is the place that can offer you a great holiday with your friends and family and you can fill your lung with lots of oxygen to start your life again with lots of energy. Let’s have some idea about the place before knowing how to make your vacation exciting. Exuma Cays is in the Bahamas where the archipelago is stretched around 80 miles. On the northeast side, the Great Exuma is located. Actually, there are 365 cays, each one for a day of a year as the locals believe. Maximum cays are uninhabited. Some are owned by the celebrities around the world. So, if you are planning to fly to Exuma Cay, you should not forget certain things- sunscreen, beachwear, shades and large hats. You shouldn’t underestimate the power of the scorching sun. Now, let’s find out how to make your vacation at Exuma Cay full of thrill. Read on to know more-

  • Swim Through Thunderball Grotto

While you are on a vacation, you should try certain things that you don’t get to do in your regular life. While you are in Exuma Cay, you should not avoid this swimming experience near Staniel Cay. The entrance of this cay is hidden underwater and looking for it is kind of searching for hidden treasure underwater. To make your swimming experience even more exotic, you can see beautiful coral reefs and fishes, swimming with you. The name of the grotto is quite familiar, right? Actually, it is taken from the James Bond movie, Thunderball. Once you are inside the grotto, the beauty will make you spellbound.

  • Go to the Starfish Reserve

As you start journey towards Exuma Cay, the first few cays are famous for starfish reserve as there are lots of starfishes who dwell in the ocean there. You won’t find such big starfishes anywhere around the world in such an enclosed space. You can even carry them in hand, but carefully. As the water is quite shallow, catching them is easy. Take pictures with them and let them go away.

  • Get Experience with Swimming Pig

As it is already said, you can get to see a variety of wild lives here at Exuma Cay. While you are here, this will be on the top of the list. For this, you need to reach Major Cay. Once you are here, you will see these pigs will swim and come up to you, looking for food. They are also attention seeker. You can take pictures and selfie with them. It is really weird how these pigs come to this island, but their life is all set there as long as tourists will come at this spot.

  • Go for Conch Shell Diving

When you are in a new place, you should taste the local cuisine. The guide of yours will definitely tell you about this. They will dive underwater and bring out fresh cinch which can be used for further recipes. Enjoying the view while tasting yummy cinch salad, is really awesome. Though there are onions, orange juice, lime juice, and spices, the taste of raw conch shell will make you go crazy for this dish. You should try this while you are in the Exuma Cay.

  • Swim with Sharks

Do you dare to do it? Swimming with sharks is not at all a good idea, but here the picture is a bit different. These are pet-friendly nurse sharks which are used to with tourists and quite docile. You can get the experience in Compass Cay of Exumas. This will be a lifetime experience and you will get stories to tell after returning home.

  • Get Localized

You can get all fun here, but it is true that these cays are more or less uninhabited. If you want to localize or know the local culture better, you can go to Little Farmer’s Cay. This is the only spot here where you can find few shops, a restaurant, and a grocery. Locals gather here to play dominos. This is the first inhabited cay in the chain of Exumas Cays. But, if you expect much, you will be disappointed. Only 70 people leave here, on the island.

  • Feed the Rock Iguanas

You will find them in Allan’s Cay. Yes, they look scary, but if you don’t disturb them they will be on their way. Actually, they may come rushing to you in search of foods.

  • Live Life at Stanniel Cay

If you get a little bored with only beaches and ocean, go to Stanniel Cay to refill your life with fun. You can go for yachting here. Moreover, the cotton-candy colored cottages are amazing to shack up. Apart from that, there are restaurants, clubs and an exotic nightlife.

What are you waiting for? If you want to spend few days with your partner in exile and find the spark between you, there are no better places than Exumas in the Bahamas.

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