What to Expect from Bioethanol Inserts & Fireplaces?

New trend – bioethanolfireplaces are taking the world of interior design by storm. Learn what to expect and how to get the best use ofthem.

Bioethanol fireplaces combine luxuries design and innovative technology. That’s why a lot of modern designers use them. Such fireplaces can be a great part of any space. They can enrich design and become a cool statement piece. If you decided to incorporate any type ofethanol fireplace or change your old burner with bioethanolinsert, we couldtell you what to expect from it.

Our company, Planika,specialises in indoor and outdoor ethanol fireplaces. Wedeliver only eco-friendly products that produce no emissions, smoke or ash. You can enjoy natural, real flames without worrying about safety. We have a huge experience in the industry of bioethanol fireplaces and can help you to choose wisely.

The first thing that you can expect froman ethanol fireplace is the variety of choice. There are various types of such fireplaces,and they have some unique ways of use. For example, table fireplaces are predominantly used indoors in different kinds of spaces. But as it is clear from the name, they require some type of surface to be successfully installed. Also, there are freestanding, inserts,wall-mounted fireplace options and more.

The second thing that you can expect from high-quality ethanol fireplace is unique and safedesign with modern technologies. Such fireplaces are a gooddecision as they can make your interior or exteriorstylish, eye-catching and eco-friendly.Due to sophisticated BEV technology, you can put Planika fireplaces in any space you like, and it will be safe. All bioethanol fireplaces have safety sensors and child lock. Also, they produce no emissions, smoke, ash or odour.

The third thing that you can expect from themis easy installation and maintenance. Our company offers covers products of different installation methods, including freestanding fireplaces as well as ready to build-in inserts. Our arrangement possibilities are unlimited. We provide custom size, so our products can fit the specific interior or existing opening. Also, after installation, they are very easy-to-use. Our intelligent fireplaces have a convenient remote control, which means that you can control them through Wi-Fi or advanced Smart Home systems. Besides, maintenance of our bioethanol fireplaces is easy, as they produce no ash. You only need to dust and refuel them once in a while.

If you decided to implement bioethanol fireplace into your space, you have made an excellent choice. They will help you to create luxurious indoor or outdoor design with the environmentand safety in mind. Also, they will complement every space with the variety of options.