Why Travelling Will Make Your Kid Smarter

A studious child with a good education behind them is certain to do well in life. However, education goes far beyond what is taught in a conventional classroom environment. Real life interactions and experiences can offer a more up close and personal insight into the way that the world works.

In fact, although academic textbooks and tests can help our kids to improve their general knowledge, none of this actually prepares them for life out there in the real world or the practical problems that kids may face. Travel can help teach your children valuable life skills that will both help them with their studies, and assist them in their interactions with others. Here are several reasons as to why and how traveling will make your kid smarter:

History is Better When You Can See it

One of the most important areas of education is studying national and world history. Many kids yawn and groan at the sheer mention of history class since they associate it with having to memorize dates and watch grainy, dull, factual videos.

When history class is delivered more practically however, it becomes substantially more engaging for kids. Taking your kids through the ancient site of Petra or exploring the pyramids of Giza is a much more interesting way to learn about history than trawling through dusty textbooks. This way, your kids will actually want to learn and will be inquisitively asking questions about what they see before them.

Kids Can Learn New Languages

When you travel overseas, even if you opt to stay in the main touristic areas, you will gain some exposure to the local language. After spending a couple of weeks in a foreign country, you and your kids will undoubtedly pick up a few basic words and phrases of a new language without even really having to put much thought or consideration into doing so.

After a couple of weeks away, of course your child isn’t going to be fluent, but they will have the basic foundations in place to help them to build upon this in the future. The world that we live in is constantly moving toward becoming more globalized and international travel and operation are prerequisites of many jobs. As a result, knowing a second language can make your kids more employable in the future.

Well Traveled Kids Are More Cultured

Have you ever noticed that there is a significant difference between those that have traveled a lot and those that haven’t? Kids that have never really been out of their area or their home country only have one frame of reference and perspective of the world. Since this limited exposure to only one environment is all that they’ve ever known, they find it hard to empathize with others and see things from different angles. Once kids have travelled, they become more open minded, and more tolerant and understanding of people who possess views that are different to their own.

They Can Pick Up a New Hobby

Most college admission departments look for applicants with a diverse array of interests and extracurricular activities listed on their application form. Just take a look at Harvard University’s entrance preferences and you will be assured of the importance of ensuring your kid has further interests outside of academia.

A kid that is part of the school newspaper club and plays basketball for example, has a better shot at impressing the admissions team than a kid that simply spends their free time at home watching TV and eating snacks. There is a way to go one step further though, and not only impress the admissions department, but completely blow them away. This step is through travel.

A kid that has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do? Impressive! A kid that earned that black belt after starting their lessons on a cultural family trip to South Korea? Consider the admissions department completely blown away.

They Can Learn How to Budget and Save

Your kids may find listening to you talk about the importance of budgets and managing your finances mind-numbingly boring, but rest assured they will be taking it in. Travel involves an element of planning where finances are concerned in order to establish a budget, and trying to adhere to it.

By providing your kids with visibility on how and why you create a budget for your adventures, they will start to understand precisely why this is necessary. After several vacations of noting the processes that you go through on each trip, this information will start to sink in and your kids can bear these techniques in mind when preparing for their own financial future.

You don’t need to give an in depth lecture, just run through your notes on how much you’ve spent or saved. Tell your kids that sometimes it’s beneficial to book at an all-inclusive resort. This way, you can pay for everything upfront, and you know exactly how much money you’re spending.

Travelled Kids Are Confident Kids

Travel can help your kids become more confident in a variety of ways. Staying at a family-friendly resort encourages even the most introverted children to step outside of their comfort zones and interact with other kids.

Whether your child is at a kid’s club offered by the resort, or they are simply chattering away with other children by the pool, they are building their confidence and social skills which, as we all know, are very important in life.

Always Encourage Learning

You want your kids to be as educated as possible. Sure, you can send them to the most prestigious schools, but what they would lack is real life experiences. By exposing your kids to travel at a young age, they will be more adaptable. It is definitely a tiring experience for parents, but it is worth it.